Who Is It For


The Real Estate CRM serves the need of independent realtors who are looking for the right kind infrastructure that will help them increase the level of sales or rentals that they get from their projects. 

With the Real Estate CRM, independent realtors will be able to get all the features that they receive from running a properly established real estate company, including but not limited to a website, a dedicated contact number connected to the CRM and the right kind of support system that will ensure that activities are run the way that they should. With this, they’ll find no need to employ significant amounts of manpower, and the level of automation that they get from The Real Estate CRM will ensure that activities are run round the clock. 

If you are into property sales or rentals, this product is for you. It provides full automation and ensures that you get the right kind of results; a boost in sales.



Real Estate Companies: 

For real estate companies, the integration of The Real Estate CRM into your system means that you get an effective and all-encompassing product that can easily be tailored to work according to the requirements of the company and its operating mechanism. Our system was designed to be completely flexible, and this means that you will have no issues with properly modifying aspects of it in order to effectively cope with the demands of your business. Also, with the increased flexibility that you will receive from the Real Estate CRM, you will be able to make proper modifications that will see your company cope with the dynamic characteristics of the entire real estate industry.

From branding and marketing to database management and date sorting, your company will have complete control over the entirety of the Real Estate CRM. You can add tenants to rental properties, and you will even be able to add properties for sales. 

Do whatever it is you want with the CRM, and see the effectiveness and profitability of your company increase.

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