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The Real Estate CRM is a complete suite that provides a wide array of advantages for the field of property management. It helps with improving your chances of making property sales and rentals, and it can be one of the most effective tools in your arsenal.

With this CRM, users will find it much easier to achieve the effective management of their property rentals. It helps take care of a wide array of aspects, including but not limited to managing tenants, requesting rental payments, accepting rentals online, incident management and e-Documentation. When it comes to property sales, users get features such as:

Lead Management: Our smart lead management utility improves your ability to manage and sort leads. It helps take away the manual part from your responsibilities, as it sorts leads out based on their category. This sorting capability means you’ll easily be able to address and examine leads to know how well your marketing campaign is performing. It also helps with reviewing strategy performance, targeting and serving as a roadmap for future campaigns

Automation: The CRM package will make it easy for users to send bulk messages or Email alert to potential leads. You can automate these messages to send at a particular date and also set the frequency of message dispatches. All you need to do is compose the message, load the recipients, and set programmed parameters for sending messages. 
In addition to that, the automation feature allows you to set custom responses to messages from leads,  and this will definitely go a long way in boosting your ability to engage customers and close deals. 

Roles and Permissions: With the CRM, you get to create roles (such as telecallers, agents and executives) and assign tasks and responsibilities. Also, since most of these roles will have permissions and boundaries, you can set those up as well, and keep track of the activities of these roles as you move forward. Changes can easily be made to the roles, job descriptions and permissions whenever you see fit.

Schedule Activity Management: Schedule management helps ensure that you will be able to optimize schedules and activities, and it will definitely go a long way in boosting your general productivity.

Real-Time Monitor: You also get to keep track of your property management project from wherever you are. The Real Estate CRM provides you with real-time updates and ensures that you are always in the loop whenever a new development occurs. 

Mobile-Friendly: Although it is a desktop-based platform, The Real Estate CRM is also effective and seamless on the mobile platform. This improves your ability to make use of it on the go, and it ensures that you will be able to easily make changes whenever you see fit.

Support for Multiple Types of Properties: It doesn’t matter the kind of property that you’re dealing in. As long as you’re ready to make your sale, the Real Estate CRM tool is your most effective partner.

Support for international numbers: With The Real Estate CRM, boundaries are literally broken. With this, it is possible for you to have messages sent to international numbers as well. Rates might apply, but your ability to connect with international numbers means that you get to reach a market that is much wider than you can imagine. As long as you’ve got the numbers, rest assured that The Real Estate CRM will be able to get you the reach.